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Isle of Mull Wildlife & Tours

The Isle of Mull has the well-deserved reputation as the ‘wildlife watching capital of the UK'. Some even go so far as to say Europe! And no wonder. Mull, Iona and their surrounding islands are truly a wildlife watcher's dream with some of our most exciting and iconic birds and mammals in abundance

The Big FiveAn overview of five ‘must see’ species on the island for all keen wildlife enthasiasts coming to the island.Species & HabitatsA look at Mull’s diversity of flora, fauna and landscapes, including the marine creatures found around the coastline.Wildlife ToursFind contact details and information about Mull’s wildlife tour operators, walking guides and more.Boat TripsFind out about the fantastic boat trips you can do from Mull, along with contact details for the tour operators.

Whether you wish to discover the wildlife on your own or to do so in the company of a guided tour or with rangers, it’s all here just waiting for you to  explore.  Hike into hidden glens, climb to our highest peaks, creep along rocky shores or sail to magical offshore islands; each habitat has its own special rewards for the patient naturalist. Every trip you make into Mull’s wild landscapes will bring you closer to the creatures which make these islands their home. No two days are alike in these wild isles and you will never forget your first eagle..